Saturday, March 12, 2016

My 2015 IPCA Entries

Last fall, for the first time, I decided to enter the IPCA (International Polymer Clay Association) annual awards. The theme was "In the Round".

The two pieces that I created incorporated my liquid polymer/gauze technique. I decided to go with BOLD, dramatic black and silver, featuring round, red accents which embraced the theme.

I created several round cabochons in a multi-step process, with bright, rich red cores. The gauze base of this brooch entry was formed inside of a round cutter:

The second entry was one of my signature cuffs:

I didn't win my category - Emerging Artist - Jewelry, but I still had fun creating these pieces. As my consolation, I was delighted to see that friend and former IPCA Retreat roommate Eva Haskova, from the Czech Republic won the Members Choice category with a wonderful brooch in her distinctive style!

Congratulations to all entrants and winners!


  1. That brooch is amazing. I so love the black, white and red combos. I'm sure they had so many beautiful entries and yours must have been a contender. Congrats for trying and good luck for next time.

  2. Your bold strong jewelry is always my favorite, your entries here are wonderful! Good job!

  3. I love the brooch, I especially admire the way the black LPC puddles around the edges, and the balance of the three tiny round beads juxtaposed with the large round cab. The cuff, as always, is wonderful too. Kudos to you, for entering... and good luck for future entries!