Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My "Pollock" Tribute

Some techniques in polymer are messy. Others are fun. This one is messy AND fun!

The theme for the May PCAGOE Challenge is "Artist Inspired". I chose American abstract-impressionist Jackson Pollock as my inspiration. His "drip" technique lends itself wonderfully to tinted liquid polymer.

I keep bunches of tinted liquid polymer for use as glazes, primarily when doing my liquid polymer gauze "thing", or the recently published chopped translucent technique. They also tend to drip on things, so I decided to make use of that property. I discovered that it isn't just a matter of flinging the color. The piece has to be heated between each layer of color, or it all just levels out and runs together. There is a reason that Donna Kato's instructions for Kato sauce say NOT to apply to hot surfaces, but in this case, that's exactly what is needed :)

After building up many, many layers of colors, here was the first piece which resulted from the fun flinging of liquid polymer:

And, here are some from the latest batch:

Sometimes, it's really fun to be messy!