About 11 BOLD street

I'm Susan O'Neill and like many polymer artists, it seems that I’ve been designing in one form or another for most of my life. Like many little girls in the 60's it started with making Barbie doll and pink-haired troll outfits, progressing to my own clothes, accessories and jewelry. Then followed the era of hand-thrown pottery, drawing, painting and original silk-screened posters for high school plays. Later came college art, and a developing interest in the larger spaces around me. This lead to 28 years in structural and architectural design.

Upon my discovery of polymer (clay) in the early 90’s, I briefly experimented, but didn’t begin to explore its potential in-depth until 2007 when I retired from the "outside world". I was amazed by the evolution of the material since my initial encounters: There were many more options in the clay formulas, tools, books, techniques and general selflessness and sharing of the now well-developed polymer…

The limitless possibilities of polymer on its own are staggering, but when combined with traditional beads and findings, wire wrapping techniques, metal clays, natural materials, textiles…well, those implications haunt me (in a good way) on a daily basis! I carry a sketchbook, recording inspirations from my travels, nature, art - and just knocking around in my backyard!