Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Saving of a Cuff Bracelet

I wish that I'd have gotten an even earlier pic of this cuff in progress. These photos show the skeleton in fairly good shape. But, that was after about 30 minutes of sanding, basically sculpting three flat layers and a rough center "blob" into this final curvaceous-ness!

Adding the mokume gane slices finished it nicely, but then I noticed an embedded flaw in the edge of the copper layer that was more than skin deep! Resigned to keeping this piece for myself, I put it aside for a while, then thought about a wire accent. Yes!!! The hammered zig-zag was a perfect accent and echoed the stripes in the MG pattern. And, it gave me a great excuse to drill into that pesky little spot on the side :)

Sometimes, you can make great lemonade from lemons!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Under Construction, Coming Soon, and all that stuff...

I failed miserably at my first attempt at blogging for a number of reasons...

...mainly, because my very reliable but not feature-rich hosting site didn't lend itself to the "normal" type of blogging and I didn't feel like dealing with it.

Also, I think that the good blogs that I've seen always include pictures of some type, and I thought that I was not motivated enough to take/process/upload photos on a near daily basis.

That reason segues into my next excuse - I thought that I should blog every day. Says who? Are there "blog police"?

Last but certainly not least, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to say, but felt that I should say something, because all the marketing articles maintain that to maximize an online shop you HAVE to blog. 

Well, I've solved most of these issues in my mind...I started a "Blogger" blog. Not exactly "easy" if you're picky about formatting like I am, but I'm learning. Also, I'm not going to require myself to post daily, which helps with the photos issue. 

I also now know what I want to say...I (mostly) want to record the evolution of pieces that I'm working on - the processes, discoveries and failures that I encounter in my current role as polymer (and burgeoning metal clay) artist. I see it as interesting initially to me - a journal, a (b)log, and maybe ultimately interesting to others, as well.

And, if I occasionally stray off-subject, waxing poetically about the birds at the water garden or comment on what the people in the parking lot outside my 2nd story studio window are doing when they think that no one can see them, please forgive me.