Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Arches is Offering AMAZING Instructors!!!

ARCHES: Building Clay Connections IPCA Retreat 2014

Pre-Retreat Classes Featuring: 

(Click on each for details)

Helen Breil - Fanfold and Shapes Neckline Clips

Donna Greenburg - Jello Shot Bangle

Lindly Haunani - Tropical Petal Bracelet

Randee Ketzel - Fauxnomenal Beads/Bracelet

Maggie Maggio - Nature of Mark Making

Lisa Pavelka - Surface Techniques, Metallic Magic, Spinner Ring

Early Bird Registration before March 31 - $$ave!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm still here...

Don't let the lack of active blog posts fool you - I'm a more prolific artist than I am a blogger :)

While I wait for more inspiring content (that is, with WORDS, not with art), let me just share my entry from our PCAGOE March Challenge. The theme was "egg/egg shapes". So, I created an egg-shaped fantasy stone in pinks, took a slice and "set" it in an all-polymer bezel. Texturing, carving and a bit of antiquing completed this brooch. Finally, a bit of coiled silver wire and mica powder add BLING!