Wednesday, August 13, 2014

PCAGOE "Little Black Ball" Challenge

This month's challenge was to start with a 1" black ball of polymer. No other instruction, other than it had to be recognizable in it's final form. And, we wanted to tie-in with PCAGOE member Sage Bray's publication, The Polymer Arts, or her daily blog.

Sage is very open to unusual polymer techniques for inclusion. This pen with stand expands upon an idea that I floated past her and which was included in the Spring '12 issue.

Instead of only chopped translucent polymer of the article, this piece utilizes metallics, remains of other techniques and metal leaf to adorn the polished black ball starting point. Tendrils of mica tinted liquid polymer were added for shine and adhesion.

Naturally, I had to incorporate my typical layered base ("Layers" was another article that made it in the Spring '13 issue.) And, one edge of the base got sanded and buffed ;)

Happy Anniversary, TPA!


  1. Wow, Susan, that is just gorgeous! You inspire me to forge ahead and try something!

  2. Thank you, Line! I know that a creation from you will be super-innovative!

  3. This is one of those pieces I just want to be able to pick up and examine! It looks so intricate.

  4. Gorgeous piece Susan! I too would love to see this one in person and feel all the textures, it's wonderfully done!