Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introducing Fantasy Flora (or Alien Flowers)

I've had this idea for gauze/polymer "alien" flora knocking around in my head for a while. (Those who know me at all won't be surprised...)

Most of the pre-planned methodology actually worked out well. The "petals" would be of liquid polymer and gauze, pistil and receptacle equivalents would be of polymer and the stamens and stems would be of wire. And the stems would be totally frivolous and have loops.

First I created the pistil from a yellow-orange blend of polymer, textured the end and added several coats of tinted liquid polymer. Next, I gathered one edge of black, white and (stained) purple gauze, treated them to a soaking in liquid polymer and wound them around the pistil.

Then I covered the base with more polymer, stamped and mica-d the receptacle (in patterns not seen on this world!) and mounted them on nicely looped, thick copper wire stems. I grabbed my torch and beaded the ends of some sterling wire, crimped some copper headpins and spiraled some silver plated wire and behold - I had some wonderful little alien stamens to embed in the pistils!

 On to the vase/container... I hoard plastic shapes which I feel could stand up to a 280ยบ cure, so finding a container base wasn't too difficult. A window cleaner spray cap seemed the perfect scale, and it had a wonderful center well for anchoring the stems. Now for the covering...

Like almost anyone breathing in the polymer world, I've been itching to give the Stroppel cane a try! The few cane scraps that I have are luckily a perfect color complement to the floral petals. So, strips of my new cane, plus silver, copper and black practically covered the cap by themselves. The sanding and buffing took over an hour, but what else is new?

Here is the finished creation. I've learned enough during design/construction for at least two more "species". It's kind of neat how the stems and stamens silently jiggle at the slightest vibration... sort of ALIEN!

Fantasy Flora No. 101, 8 1/2" H., base 2 3/4"dia. x 2"H


  1. Oh wow!!! I love the silver rims--they make them perfect.These are great, Susan. I have been fixated on seaweed forms lately (don't ask) and these are right in tune....

  2. Ohhhh it's wonderful!! Wow Sue, you are such an artist. I have to say that I'm thrilled with my heart that you made me, it's wonderful and I'm so impressed with your gauze work. :) Thank you for it, very much.