Monday, August 20, 2012

Revisiting a Favorite Color Scheme

After receiving and Etsy convo from a potential customer, I'm revisiting a favorite color scheme - copper, golden-bronze and black. Not calling it a "custom order", but rather a "request", this lovely lady asked about an existing piece. I think that what she really wants is just the pendant. Don't know why, but I'm not quite ready to dissemble this neckpiece.

So, I set about recreating the general look/feel of the original. The mokume gane process does not lend itself to whipping up matching sections, even from the same batches. It's inherent and deliberate randomness makes that impossible. But, I think that I came close. As always, the cuttings and scraps from a mokume gane block are sometimes as interesting as the main event. Witness these results, so far:

Pendants (and bracelet, below) components, front view.

Pendants, back view.

Please visit the 11BOLDstreet Etsy shop in a couple of weeks to see how these components ultimately get finished!

1 comment:

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