Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun with Faux Jasper

Jasper isn't an expensive stone, but many inexpensive natural stones don't come in the shapes or SIZE that I want. Good thing that Tory Hughes showed me how to mimic lapis lazuli (which isn't inexpensive) and turquoise in her book Polymer: The Chameleon Clay.

I've used combinations of those techniques again and again as a springboard for faking real and fantasy materials. Witness my latest adventure with "red jasper":

Can you believe that this mess

got molded into this

and ended up looking like this?

Then it was transformed into this?

BELIEVE. With polymer, almost anything is possible....


  1. Thanks, Cara! It's really a lot of fun :)

  2. In the process of trying Google Reader (I don't like it much) I stumbled upon your blog post. This is GREAT! Wow, what a fantastic example of what our medium can do. I really love your post here and will share it with others. And the pendant is beautiful. :)

  3. Those are really nice looking stones! Great pendant design too.

  4. I love making faux anything with polymer clay. I love your jasper. Is that paint covering that clay in the first pic? Now how to I join?

  5. Thanks, Ladies!

    Line, yes, black and brown acrylics.

  6. Just beautiful. Did you use a special mix for the red or just straight cad red or alizarin crimson or ...?

  7. Ha, Diane, I don't remember exactly...but it's fairly close to a pure alizarin crimson base.

  8. Very nice , I like to know how its make. I have one look like this.